World Class Tuning is now available at Jackson’s Base Camp.

While constantly looking for new ways to better our guests experience, the addition of an automated Wintersteiger Mercury was a no brainer.

We are offering a full array of tune options to fit everyone’s needs, right at the base of Park City Resort.



Full Tune – $80
– Base Repair, Stone Grind, Ceramic Disc Edges, Hand-Finished Base Bevel, Edge Polish and Wax

Basic Tune – $45
– Base Repair, Belt Progression Base Grind, Edge and Wax

Base Grind – $60
– Base Repair, Stone Grind

Hot Wax – $20
– Deep Penetrating Infrared Hot Wax with Hydrocarbon House Blend

High Speed Wax – $30
– Deep Penetrating Infrared Hot Wax for Race Training using SWIX Hydrocarbon Wax with Additives

Top Speed Wax – $40
– Deep Penetrating Infrared Hot Wax for Competition using SWIX Hydrocarbon Wax with Race Additives

PHANTOM Product – $100
– Waxless Base Conditioning Product for Permanent Consistent Glide

PHANTOM Oven – $60
– UV Light Oven Service for Fast and Invariable PHANTOM Product Application

Binding Mount and Test – $50

Ski Binding Test – $25



Race Tune – $120
– Base Repair, Sidewall Shaping, Stone Grind with Discipline-Specific Structure, Ceramic Disc Edges, Hand-Finished Bevels, Race Wax

New Race Ski Prep – $120
– Ski Evaluation, Sidewall and Top Sheet Shaping, Base and Side Bevels Hand-Set and Polished, Base Prep Wax and Race Wax

Race Touch-Up – $40
– Sidewall Shaping, Side Edge Sharpen and Polish, Base Clean, Race Wax